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How long after the end of the Benefit Period do I have to submit my receipts?

You have until April 30 to submit claims for expenses incurred during the previous Benefit Period. Your claim must be submitted online or be postmarked or faxed by midnight Eastern Time on April 30. Be sure to keep a copy of your fax confirmation for your records. If a claim is denied for additional documentation, you have 30 days from the date of the denial to resubmit your claim with the appropriate documentation, even if that is after April 30. Your resubmitted claim must contain the exact same expenses that you submitted on the original claim and you only have one 30 day period in which to resubmit. You cannot substitute or add new expenses to the resubmitted claim. You will forfeit the funds if you do not resubmit the claim with the appropriate documentation within those 30 days.

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