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How do I submit receipts for my commuter parking reimbursement account claims?

You do not have to submit receipts for parking reimbursement. Instead, we only need a certified claim.

Online: Log in to your account, select Reimbursement Accounts then select "Submit a Claim" and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Alternatively, you can submit your certified claim via either fax or mail. Visit the "Claim Forms" section of the Resource Center and select the "Commuter Benefit Program Claim Form". Complete the form and either fax or mail it to the Judiciary Benefits Center.

Fax: Fax your certified form to the Judiciary Benefits Center 24-Hour Fax line at 1-800-778-0045.

Mail:  Mail your certified form to the Federal Judiciary Benefits Program, PO Box 35680, Louisville, KY 40232


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