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When are the funds in my DCRA account available to me, and how do I know how much is available?

Unlike the HCRA, the current balance in your DCRA account on the day your claim is processed is the maximum you can be reimbursed at that time. If your bill for day care exceeds what you have in your account, the Judiciary Benefits Center will process your claim and reimburse you the amount in your account on the day of processing. Any eligible claim amount that exceeds the balance in your DCRA at the time your claim is processed is pended until your next payroll deductions is received. As soon as your next payroll deductions is received, the remaining amount will automatically be released to you, assuming your next payroll deduction of funds is sufficient to cover the balance of your original claim amount.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Day care expenses cannot be reimbursed until services are actually provided. In other words, pre-paid day care expenses, or expenses paid in advance, are not eligible for reimbursement under a DCRA until the services have been rendered.

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